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Introduction to Scentwork

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This course is for dogs and owners that have no previous experience in pet scentwork training. There is a lot of content covered in this course, but it will give you all the basic knowledge to get started. This course is similar to the in-person course, however the online version contains a lot more material on developing search, step by step guides, demo videos, and training exercises. You will learn: - how to prepare odour. - Odour storage and reducing the risk of contamination. - Your dog's favorite reward. - Imprint your dog onto an odour/scent. - How to develop a passive indication (sit, freeze, or lay down). - Develop your dogs ability to search independently. - The basics of search. - Search systems. Please note this is only one method, of many, in how to training scentwork. Example equipment list: - Scent starter kit with chosen odour/scent you would like to imprint (such as clove, gun oil, truffle oil). - One or more of the following options: Scent indication boxes (x4), bricks (x4), or football training cones (x4) for linear search. - Soaks (such as filter tips) (occasionally these are included in starter kits). - Air tight containers (glass jars or plastic tuppawear). - Scent containers, such as snuffle cones or small tins (occasionally these are included in starter kits). - Disposable gloves. - Tweezers The College of Scent Dogs Instructor! Copyright material and all rights reserved ©NHU Ecology Dogs 2023 No refunds can be given once purchased.

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Introduction to Scentwork

Introduction to Scentwork

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