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About Us

NHU Ecology and Detection Dogs is a newly formed ecology service with over 4 years' experience in ecological surveys and over 3 years' experience training and handling detections dogs. We have completed and continue to attend rigorous training courses to ensure both handler and dogs will meet industry requirements and competency. We continue to develop our CPD by shadowing experienced wildlife detection dog handlers and attending courses, conferences, and training events; with a strong view that learning and personal development should be continuous. NHU Ecology and Detection Dogs combines ecological expertise and detection dog services to create a comprehensive evaluation of a site. All operational dogs are insured as working Conservation Dogs.

We offer a range of services in the future such as detection dog surveys, research participation, talks, training, ecological services and much more.

Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.


Natasha Underwood

Ecologist/ Environmental Consultant/ Dog Handler

Trained Ecologist and Environmental Consultant.

Biology Conservation BSc

Environmental Consultancy MSc

PhD student at Plymouth University

Kyrus K9 Conservation Detection Dog Handler course (Nov 2023)

K9 Conservationists Handler Course 2023 

TCSD Scentwork Instructor (UKCSD)

TCSD Scent Detection Dog Handler

Canine First Aid Trained

Conservation Dog Handling Skills 2021 UK Rural skills certified

A member of the Ecology Dogs in Britain and Ireland Working Group.

Member of the Mammal Society

Qualifying CIEEM Member

The Dogs


Loves food.

Detailed, reliable, methodical search dog.

High intelligence but sensitive.

Successful detection competition dog being the highest scoring dog of the Year in 2022 Detection Dog Trials! Won multiple competitions in operationally style trials.  

Starter Dog that has taught me the ropes.

Now does a bit of everything from canicross and agility to gundog training, Scentwork and Mantrailing.



Trained on dead bat/bird carcass.

Bedbug Detection Dog

Typical cocker loves to search.

Loves a ball especially a squeaky tennis ball.

Fast enthusiastic searcher.

Our in house demo dog who has demonstrated her detective abilities in front of the public multiple times at large events. 

Extra curricular activities: 

Completed her Novice and Intermediate LWGD Working Dog Certificates.

Completed her Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate (on Dummies).


Specialist Bedbug Detection Dog

Loves a tennis ball and to please her handler.

A hard working spaniel that is happy to get stuck into any environment to search.

Gundog trained.

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