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Our Services


Detection Dogs

We provide wildlife detection dogs for scat, carcass, and biosecurity dogs, click to find out more


Ecological Services

We have a range of ecological expertise. 

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Additional Services

We provide additional services including: talks, workshops, guest trainer, research, and dog nutrition advice. Click to find out more

 Detection Dogs

Our Projects


Conservation Detection Dog services

We can provide conservation detection dog surveys for dead bat carcasses, and dead bird carcasses.

We currently are a small team of one dog and one handler with plans to expand in the future. Wren has a 90% average detection rate on all her odours combined.

We aim to to add water vole detection to our services once trials have been completed.   


Open for University undergraduate, masters, and PhD research projects. We are happy to help with the ever-growing knowledge and research into wildlife detection dogs. Please get in contact if you feel we could assist in any research questions regarding conservation detection dogs. 

Bedbug Detection

We offer a two dog team for Bedbug Detection (NASDU) for private and pest control businesses to take advantage of our highly effective team of dogs with a 90% detection rate tested in double blind and scenario biased trials. 

Passive methods such as Bedbug traps are less effective with only 20% detection success where as human inspection ranged between 50-80%. the use of dogs is a highly effective tool to use to screen large venues efficiently and aid human inspections.

If you are a pest control company in the South West interested in working alongside a dog team please contact us today. 


Ecological Services

Qualified Ecologist and Ecological Consultant

Natasha is a member of the CIEEM and has degree qualifications in Biology Conservation and Environmental Consultancy. She has a Natural England license Level 1 for dormice and a Natural England license to keep dead bats. 


Experienced in but not limited to:

  • Phase 1 habitat assessments

  • Bat walkover surveys

  • Hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) licensed for survey and monitoring work

  • Water vole (Arvicola amphibious) surveys

  • Beaver (Castor fiber) surveys

  • Report writing

  • Research

  • Lowland peatland restoration  

  • Freshwater invertebrates


Currently studying at Plymouth University for her PhD in lowland peatland restoration on the Somerset Levels and working for an Ecological Consultancy biased in Falmouth, Cornwall.


Additional Services


We provide additional services these include:

  • Talks

  • Workshops 

  • Guest trainer

  • Dog nutrition advice

  • 121 Scentwork Training

  • Scentwork classes

  • Competitions in Scentwork and Gundog Scurries.


Natasha is a qualified UKCSD handler and instructor. 

To Book onto any of our courses please email for a sign up sheet and payment details.


Training Classes

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